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Swim for Bruce Rock Kids on 25 March.

Swim for Bruce Rock Kids

The 2017 Swim for Bruce Rock Kids is on Saturday 25 March 2017, with registration commencing at 4pm.

We’re holding our third annual Swim for Bruce Rock Kids at the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on 25 March 2017, with registrations from 4pm on. This year’s event promises to be the biggest and best yet! And you’re invited!

Entry is FREE!

The Swim is a community event that will raise funds for two important reading incentive programs supporting vital literacy development for pre-primary and year 1 students at Bruce Rock District High School.  The Reading Rabbits and Reading for Life programs commenced in 2016 and Principal Fiona reports a significant increase in reading nights over the previous year.

You can support these important reading incentive programs by:

1. Obtaining sponsorship from friends & family and taking part in the Swim (it’s open to everyone); or
2. Sponsoring a swimmer; or
3. Making a donation to the reading incentive programs.

If you’re interested in supporting literacy development for Bruce Rock kids and would like to join a fun community event, this is for you. Entry is FREE! We’ll also offer a sausage sizzle at nominal cost to keep those hunger pangs at bay, so dinner is taken care of too!.

If you would like to know more, please contact:

President Alison Lockwood – 0432 129 658
Swim coordinator Kero O’Shea – 0408 802 490

We look forward to swimming with you for the kids on 25 March.

Kero O’Shea
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (“E-WA”)

The logo of the E-WA Organising Group


Each year, Rotary International recognizes up to three clubs from
each district for implementing proactive and creative initiatives in
three areas:

• Attracting new members
• Retaining existing members
• Sponsoring a new Rotary club or clubs

DG 2013-14  Erwin Biemel congratulates the following clubs who have received these awards for their membership successes during 2013-14:


Awardee:  Rotary Club of Esperance

The Rotary Club of Esperance targeted prospective Rotarians from the business community within Esperance and the local district.
The Club sent invitations to prospective members inviting them to come to a Rotary information night, followed up by personal
approach from a nominated member.

All positive responses were allocated a member to pick up the possible new member and host them for that meeting and other following meetings.

These efforts resulted in an increase of 5 younger members in a 9 month period that joined the Club.


Awardee: Rotary Club of Mill Point

The Membership Committee of the Mill Point Rotary Club have instituted a Special Training for Action in Rotary (STAR) Program.

New members and their ‘mentors meet on a bi monthly basis. Each meeting focuses on a Avenue of Service and allows participants to learn Rotary detail and how it relates at club level. The Membership Committee develop series of questions and these are distributed before the meeting. Committee take turns to host the evening and invite guests, as well as the current Director of the nominated Avenue of Service.

The President has also invited ‘observers’ from other clubs to encourage them to also adopt the STAR program.

Whilst the questions focus on the Avenue of Service, they include the activities that Club facilitates and coordinates.

Participants learn about the history of Rotary, of their Club and are able to question in an informal way. This encourages Mentors to take responsibility of the newest nominee, and gives the Committee the opportunity to gauge them.

Engaging new members from the start and ‘checking in’ on how connected they are to the club is vital. It spread a wider understanding of Rotary and the club, enables members to be aware of club activities and how and where they can contribute and take ownership.


Awardee:  Rotary Club of Southern Districts

The Rotary Club of Southern Districts accepted the invitation from
DG Erwin Biemel to sponsor the new E-WA Rotary eClub.

In supporting the formation of a new satellite eClub, the Rotary
Club of Southern Districts has supported the formation of the first
satellite club in D9465.

The E-WA, Rotary Club of Southern Districts is helping to open a
whole new frontier of Rotary experiences in WA.

Once numbers increase it is anticipated that the E-WA will become
a provisional Rotary Club, the final step to chartering as a new club.

Past President Scott Dwyer receives the Club Builder Award from DG Erwin Biemel

DG Erwin presents Club Builder Award to Scott Dwyer at D9465 Changeover on 5 July 2014


DG Erwin Biemel presented the prestigious Club Builder Award to PP Scott Dwyer of Mill Point Rotary at district changeover on 5 July 2014.

The Club Builder Award recognizes Rotarians who have made a
significant impact in supporting and strengthening their Rotary

The nominee must be an active Rotarian in good standing, with at
least five years of membership.

Candidates must have done the following:
• Recruited at least five members who are active Rotarians at
the time of nomination
• Participated in Rotary training in their club
• Participated in at least one meaningful club-level vocational
service project
• Attended at least two district meetings in the three years
immediately preceding nomination.

Eligible candidates must be recommended by three past presidents of their own club.

Awardee: Scott Dwyer Mill Point Rotary Club

Scott Dwyer joined the Rotary club of Mill Point in November 1991.
His nomination for this award is supported by
• Past President Jon Lawrence
• Past President David Rowell
• Past President Wayne Muller
• Past President Jim Walker

He served as President in 2011/12 and is a Paul Harris Fellow. Scott has roles on all of the clubs committees, including Director of the Rotary Ramble and is currently assistant Treasurer.

Scott has nominated 11 new members in total. Scott continues to work with members on leave of absence to encourage them to attend social events and hopefully encourage him back into the club.

Scott attended the Club Visioning Workshop held by our club 1 December 2013. As a past president of Mill Point, he attended the necessary training to ensure he was prepared for his year of presidency.

Vocational Service Project – In Scott’s Presidential year a new award was introduced to the club. This is the ‘Unsung Hero’ Award. All service clubs, and not for profit groups in the City of South Perth are contacted and asked to nominate a volunteer who goes above and beyond. Every year the successful recipient receives a plaque to honour their volunteering commitments, and is given $500 towards a charity of their choice.  In 2013 Scott and his wife Robynne attended a half day visit to a working farm in Perenjori to learn about biodiversity and the challenges of farming practices in extreme environments.

District meetings – Scott has attended the last three conferences
in Mandurah, Busselton and also Kalgoorlie, and was influential
in encouraging a strong contingent to represent the club at these
events. Scott has also attended the last three District Changeovers.

PDG Hugh Langridge receives the Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service  from DG Erwin Biemel

DG Erwin Biemel presents PDG Hugh Langridge with the Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service at district changeover on 5 July 2014

Rotary District 9465 Governor Erwin Biemel presented the Rotary Foundation Citation of Meritorious Service Award to District 9465 Nominee PDG Hugh Langridge of the Rotary Club of Ascot at district changeover on 5 July 2014.

The award citation reads as follows:

The Citation for Meritorious Service recognizes individual
Rotarians who have demonstrated outstanding active service to
The Rotary Foundation for more than one year.

Examples of eligible service include, but are not limited to:
• Service on Foundation committees at the club, district, or
international level
• Participation in Foundation grants or programs
• Support of Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary Peace Fellows, GSE
teams, or Vocational Training Teams

Financial contributions to the Foundation, however notable, are
not relevant considerations for this award.

An individual may receive this award only once.

Awardee: Hugh Langridge Ascot Rotary Club

Hugh has formed a vital part of the District Foundation committee for 2013-14 as Grants Chair.

This role has required a focus on completing the reporting on outstanding grants from the old system and assisting in the implementation of the future vision grants model introduced on the 1st July 2013.

For the district to remain eligible for grants during 2013-14 it fell to Hugh to work with clubs and ensure
reporting of matching grants was completed to the satisfaction of Rotary International.

Hugh spent countless hours working with Rotary International Staff and Clubs to ensure reports were
appropriate and on time. The District remained eligible for grants at all times due to his efforts.

He brought his considerable experience to the fore to achieve the required deadlines on both the new and
old grants models.

He is called Mr Grants for good reason.

Hugh is a most worthy recipient of The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service and the first
recipient of this citation in D9465.

He will join a distinguished list of previous recipients on the Rotary International register of awardees.

Hugh has served on the foundation committee over several years in the following roles:

• D9470 Foundation Committee Annual Fund Chair 2005-2006, 2007-2008 , 2008-2009 .
• D9470 permanent Fund Chair 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2008-2009,
• D9470 Foundation Chair 2008-2009, 2009-2010.
• D9470 Peace Fellows Chair 2008-2009.
• D9465 Grants subcommittee Chair 2010-2011
• D9465 Foundation Grants subcommittee Chair 2010-2011,
2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014.

Hugh has also been very active at district level over several years
in roles other than foundation including:

• District Extension Chair 2002-2003 , 2003-2004
• DG D9470 2004-2005
• DGE 2003-2004
• DGN 2002-2003
• RI Membership Zone Co-ordinator 2005-2006 , 2006-2007
• Committee member Rotary Blood Core Bank largest Rotary
project in Western Australia 2002- current
• D9470 District amalgamation committee.
• D9465 District Trainer 2011-2012, 2012-2013.

Hugh served as in several roles at club level including:

• Club President in 1996-1997
• Club Foundation Chair for several years
• Club Secretary for 2013-2014

Sue Alexander receiving her RI Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award from District Governor Erwin Biemel

DG Erwin presenting Sue with her RI Award


Rotary District 9465 Governor Erwin Biemel presented the Rotary International Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award to District 9465 Nominee Sue Alexander of the Rotary Club of Ascot at district changeover on 5 July 2014.

The award citation reads as follows:

The Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award recognizes spouses
and partners of Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary
humanitarian service through Rotary.

Only up to 100 awards are issued annually by Rotary International.
Recipients will be selected by an officer appointed by the RI

Candidates will be considered based solely on the humanitarian service they have rendered through Rotary,  with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others.

An individual may receive the award only once.

Awardee:  Sue Alexander – Ascot Rotary Club

Sue is married to Ron Alexander of the Ascot Rotary Club.

As a nurse midwife, Sue has always had a strong desire for caring and a passion for immunisation of children to keep them disease free and healthy. With this in mind, Sue joined a Rotary Team to visit India on a rapid 5- day trip during 2008 for a National Immunisation Day where she sat in a small open Indian Temple for many hours of pouring rain and in very wet socks, vaccinating many impoverished Indian children.

Sue had won a national nursing award for Immunisation Best Practices during 2009, choosing not to spend the $5000 award on herself but to travel to a remote mountain location in Timor Leste to work during her annual leave of three weeks.

What she found at the end of long flights and a rugged treacherous 3 hour road trip was a very basic medical clinic and accommodation complete with meals cooked outside over an open fire, electricity available for only 6 hours late evening, a scarce water supply and cold showers when water available.

The clinic proved an amazing experience that tested Sue’s nursing experience, resilience and ability to adapt to caring for very ill people with the minimum of medical equipment.

On occasions Sue managed life threatening illnesses without a doctor and relying on an interpreter.

Sue returned independently during 2010, 2011, twice during 2012 and again late 2013 to the remote village of Eraulo of subsistence people who make up the clinic catchment population of 8000.

The community has inherent health burdens of impoverishment, lack of education, lack of water, lack of sanitation, malnutrition, and high maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates and preventable diseases such as ,gastro-enteritis, tuberculosis, malaria and common childhood diseases.

With encouragement from her Rotarian husband and family to continue her mission and then through the Rotary Club of Ascot, Sue successfully achieved three Rotary Grants to help in her venture to improve facilities and equipment in the clinic.

With two District Simplified Grants and a Foundation Grant Sue
has obtained quotes, purchased and organised transport, even
purchasing the Infant Warmer from Vietnam, which is no small

Equipment that Sue has purchased includes a medical trolley,
paediatric oxygen, resuscitation equipment, examination light and
the Infant Radiant Warmer all for the birth room. A second exam
light, adult oxygen equipment, a pulse oximeter, an auroscope/
ophthalmoscope have found plenty of use in the treatment room
along with new storage units, now organised and labelled by
Sue on her visits which not only helps her but the nurse, health
workers and other volunteer nurses or doctors who visit and who
the clinic is reliant upon for much needed support.

Sue obtained a second hand ECG machine from a Perth medical
practice and despite it’s heaviness, carried it by hand to East Timor.
Sue spent months negotiating with a maternity hospital in Darwin
and then with its Health Department for release of a good quality
‘excess to requirement’ birth-bed to replace the ancient rusted
model. This birth bed arrived during her 2012 visit so Sue was able
to help assemble and offer education on its use and maintenance.
Offering general nursing education to the health workers on
topics like infection .control, instrument care and sterilising, basic
wound care and even English, all done with the help of one health
worker as an interpreter has been an integral role undertaken on
these annual visits to improve local skills and independence.

Sue has seen and managed many medical diseases and
emergencies, not encountered routinely in Australia and spent
long demanding days but has never faltered in her desire to help
the clinic.

During her 2011 visit Sue sat down with the Community leader
and village elders to discuss a possible Rotary -aided water project and then from a hot humid Dili hotel on her last night she sat down and penned a proposal to the RC of Ascot. That proposal was not just accepted but the project completed and a second water project is in its final stages to give the gift of water to very many villagers.

This has all happened because of Sue’s humanitarian contributions to her beloved Timorese community.

Sue is a most worthy recipient of The Rotarian Spouse/ Partner Service Award and the first recipient of this citation in D9465.

She will join a distinguished list of previous recipients on the Rotary International register of awardees.

Marilyn Hopkins

Marilyn Hopkins – Worthy Recipient of the RI Vocational Service Leadership Award


The award citation reads:

The Vocational Service Leadership Award recognizes Rotarians who have made a significant impact in advancing vocational service.

An individual may receive this award only once.

Candidates must have exhibited significant support of vocational service by fulfilling each of the following criteria:

• Exemplifying integrity and high ethical standards in their vocation and in Rotary
• Using their vocational talents to serve the community.

Personally undertaking at least one of the following:
1. Mentoring a young person to help that person succeed in vocational pursuits
2. Organizing a vocational service discussion or group workshop to inspire others to take action
3. Teaching other club members about their vocation by participating in a classification talk
4. Participating in a business networking event that introduces non-Rotarians to the principles of vocational service
5. Implementing an activity to celebrate Vocational Service Month in October
6. Participating in another vocational service project that meets local needs

Awardee:  Marilyn Hopkins – Margaret River Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Margaret River has provided funding for a program aimed at encouraging year one students to use their local public library called reading rabbits.

All year one students in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River are given a Reading Rabbits pack that includes general library information, colouring in and a special reading rewards card. Every time the student borrows a book from the library they will be given a stamp on their card.

After ten visits to the Library by one of the students prizes such as stationery, stickers and book vouchers available from the Margaret River Bookshop are awarded as incentives to encourage reading.

Reading Rabbits is sponsored by Rotary Club of Margaret River, The Margaret River Bookshop and Scholastic Australia.

Marilyn Hopkins was instrumental in setting up this program together with the Shire Librarian as a Vocational Program of the Margaret River Rotary Club. The success of the program is self evident.

Marilyn as a lawyer has used her skills for social causes and is a long standing member of Rotary.

Marilyn is a most worthy recipient of Vocational Service Leadership Award and the first recipient of this award in D9465.  She will join a distinguished list of previous recipients on the Rotary International register of awardees.