Member Commitment

Our member commitment is to do what they can, when they can, typically dedicating an average of an hour or so a week:

  • either on the E‐WA Rotary web presence, which includes our weekly video gatherings; or
  • engaging in E‐WA or other Rotary activities. (This is an average ‐ we recognize, too, that business, family and other important things in life take priority).


  1. You are willing to participate regularly in the E‐WA Rotary community, undertaking a reasonable level of activity in support of E‐WA’s service program.
  2. You accept that all club programs, forums, business, and communications are conducted in English.
  3. You accept that all currency is detailed in Australian dollars.
  4. You accept that, for the purpose of Rotary administration, you will be considered a member in good standing of District 9465, Australia although residing in a State or Province of your own country.
  5. You have regular access to the Internet, are willing to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the activities of E‐WA Rotary and undertake to do so as required to participate in club activities.  This includes accessing club forums, and groups from time to time.

Full membership is required to:
‐ Hold office
‐ Nominate a full member for office