The Rotary Bruce Rock Swim – How We’re Fundraising

The Swim is on Soon!

The Rotary Bruce Rock Swim is less than three weeks away, and we’re busily fundraising for the event!

Proceeds from the Swim will go to Vital Wheatbelt Literacy Projects

The Swim proceeds will go to vital literacy development programs at Bruce Rock District High School, and earn matching literacy grants for Narembeen and Quairading District High Schools.

We have three important fundraising channels for the 2017 Swim.

Our Rotary Club Members are Leading the Way with Donations!

Our Rotary Club parks cars at the Perth Makers Market to raise funds for charitable and community projects across Western Australia and internationally.   The members have decided to dedicate a portion of these funds to top up the generous contribution made to Bruce Rock Swim fundraising by our charity, The Rotary Foundation. These member-generated funds will flow to all three schools participating in the Swim.

Three people playing up to the camera
Having fun while parking cars – Members Kate, Sandra & Kero.

Offline Fundraising is Underway!

You may have seen the swim posters and associated offline sponsorship forms being used by supporters of each participating school. These sponsorship forms are school-specific and funds raised via a particular form will go to the credit of the school named on that form.

Copies of the school sponsorship forms are available for download from:
1.  Sponsorship Form for Bruce Rock DHS swimmers
2.  Sponsorship form for Narembeen DHS swimmers
3.  Sponsorship form for Quairading DHS swimmers

Our Online Fundraising via is Flying!

In addition to these forms, we’re operating a dedicated account on to give the Swim the best possible chance to connect with potential supporters anywhere in the world. Chuffed is a very convenient and quick way to contribute, with special digital “thank you” items to those who donate more than $10.

The great news so far is  that our account on has received donations of more than $300 in support of the Swim and associated literacy projects.

Want to Find Out More?

More about the Swim soon, but if you have any questions regarding the event, please contact:

Alison Lockwood – President: 0432 129 658
Kero O’Shea – Swim Coordinator: 0408 802 490

Prepared by:

Kero O’Shea
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (“E-WA”)

Swim for Bruce Rock Kids & Wheatbelt Swim for Literacy – Student Incentive Scheme

teacher and student reading together. we're offering an incentive scheme to all students to support the Swim.
The Swim supports Reading and Literacy Programs

Student Incentive Scheme for Swim

Our Rotary Bruce Rock Swim is less than a month away!  We want to share news about an incentive scheme that we’re offering students at Bruce Rock, Narembeen & Quairading District High Schools, in order to encourage them to fund raise for and participate in the 2017 Swim, which will be held on 25 March 2017.

Incentive #1 – Rotary Community Service Certificates

We will award Rotary Community Certificates to those who fund raise and participate in the Swim. These certificates will confirm that the recipient has supported their community and one of the participating schools by fundraising and taking part in the Swim. Community certificates are useful in many ways, including work experience and job applications. The Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (“E-WA”) will be happy to confirm the contributions made to the 2017 Swim by certificate recipients.

Incentive #2  – Places on Rotary Personal Development & Leadership Programs for Young People Aged 14-17

The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) is a popular leadership and personal development program for young people aged 14-17. We will book a number of places on the RYPEN program for those students aged 14-17 who excel in their efforts on behalf of the 2017 Swim.  RYPEN places are in demand because the program is enjoyable, challenging and helps participants achieve their potential.

What to Do Next?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!
1. Go to
2. Read about the Swim and download sponsorship forms.
3. Start collecting sponsorship.
4. Participate in the Swim between 4pm and 7.30pm on 25 March!

Want to Know More?

Find out more at . If you have any questions after reading all that, email swim @ or call:

Alison Lockwood – President: 0432 129 658 or Kero O’Shea – Swim Coordinator: 0408 802 490

Kero O’Shea
Secretary & Swim Coordinator
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA)

Three Schools in Historic Swim for Literacy at Bruce Rock on 25 March 2017

Schematic diagram describing one event with two names and three participating schools
Three Schools to Swim for Literacy on 25 March

We are delighted that three Wheatbelt schools will participate in the Swim at Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on 25 March 2017. Quairading and Narembeen District High Schools have accepted our invitation to participate in the inaugural Wheatbelt Swim for Literacy (“Wheatbelt Swim”) to be held at the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on Saturday 25 March 2017.

The Wheatbelt Swim and our third annual Swim for Bruce Rock Kids will be held as one event (“Swim”), with registration starting at 4pm.

The Swim

The Swim is a fundraising and community event for participating Wheatbelt schools. E-WA and our charity, The Rotary Foundation, will provide grants to Narembeen and Quairading. E-WA will continue to support Bruce Rock DHS by way of the successful Reading Rabbits and Reading for Life reading incentive programs, funds for which are raised via the annual Swim event.

The Swim is a non-competitive event held to encourage participation by students and the community. The primary fundraising for the event is by way of sponsorship of swimmers.

Registration for the Swim on 25 March will commence at 4pm, with swimming commencing at 4.30pm and the Swim will conclude by 7.30pm. Entry will be FREE.

Support Your School – Sponsor a Swimmer

You can support literacy development at your preferred District High School by sponsoring a participating swimmer from that school’s community in the Swim on 25 March 2017. Download sponsorship forms via these links:

Sponsorship Form for Bruce Rock DHS swimmers
Sponsorship form for Narembeen DHS swimmers
Sponsorship form for Quairading DHS swimmers

You’re welcome to come and cheer the swimmers on, too. Spectator entry to the Swim will be FREE.

We’ll have a sausage sizzle to deal with those hunger pangs, too. Only $5 per serve!

Want to Find Out More?

More about the Swim soon, but if you have any questions regarding the event, please contact:

Alison Lockwood – President: 0432 129 658
Kero O’Shea – Swim Coordinator: 0408 802 490

Prepared by:

Kero O’Shea
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia

Swim for Bruce Rock Kids on 25 March.

Swim for Bruce Rock Kids
The 2017 Swim for Bruce Rock Kids is on Saturday 25 March 2017, with registration commencing at 4pm.

We’re holding our third annual Swim for Bruce Rock Kids at the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on 25 March 2017, with registrations from 4pm on. This year’s event promises to be the biggest and best yet! And you’re invited!

Entry is FREE!

The Swim is a community event that will raise funds for two important reading incentive programs supporting vital literacy development for pre-primary and year 1 students at Bruce Rock District High School.  The Reading Rabbits and Reading for Life programs commenced in 2016 and Principal Fiona reports a significant increase in reading nights over the previous year.

You can support these important reading incentive programs by:

1. Obtaining sponsorship from friends & family and taking part in the Swim (it’s open to everyone); or
2. Sponsoring a swimmer; or
3. Making a donation to the reading incentive programs.

If you’re interested in supporting literacy development for Bruce Rock kids and would like to join a fun community event, this is for you. Entry is FREE! We’ll also offer a sausage sizzle at nominal cost to keep those hunger pangs at bay, so dinner is taken care of too!.

If you would like to know more, please contact:

President Alison Lockwood – 0432 129 658
Swim coordinator Kero O’Shea – 0408 802 490

We look forward to swimming with you for the kids on 25 March.

Kero O’Shea
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (“E-WA”)

Promoting Peace: 10 ways to understand others better

As Rotarians, we have a fundamental interest in bringing peace to our world.

Rotary’s six Areas of Focus position us as a peacemaker with credentials established over more than a century. The first Area of Focus – Promoting Peace – seeks to address the structural causes of conflict around the world. That process often sees peacemakers address very basic issues on the path to peace.

Shared understanding can contribute to conflict resolution and the maintenance of peace by helping those involved find the common ground required for a sustainable solution.  In this engaging talk, writer and radio host Celeste Headlee invites us to better understand people with whom we converse, and offers a number of suggestions to help the process.

Why LinkedIN Matters to Rotary

The Rotary changeover season is in full swing, as clubs install new leaders and the many significant achievements of Rotarians are recognised and briefly celebrated.  With traditional modesty, the achievements of individuals are understated in favour of a more collective (and anonymous) sense that the Rotary club has done well.  Again.

And another precious opportunity goes to waste as we fail to share the achievements of those Rotary champions with our communities.

The deeds of those individuals and teams whose work is recognised at changeover comprise the core of the Rotary Experience. The projects that change people’s lives through literacy development, disease eradication, provision of clean water, youth development and much more are the essence of Rotary. Their stories describe what makes Rotary great.

Celebrate those stories and we promote our Rotary clubs at the same time. The two are inextricably linked.

Social media (LinkedIN in particular) is a good place to tell those stories. Just by providing a single paragraph commendation for a successful Rotarian, we do two important things:
– Recognize an achievement and a job well done; and
– Demonstrate that Rotary clubs provide significant opportunities for personal growth while achieving for our community.

Go to LinkedIN, Facebook or your favourite social media channel and tell those stories now.  The world is waiting.

Kero O’Shea
Membership Director, Rotary District 9465
Charter President, Rotary E-Club of Western Australia

No One Can Be Authentically Human, While He Prevents Others From Being So

On 18 June 2015, nine people in a church in South Carolina were massacred. A suspect was arrested shortly after the murders and held on hate crime charges. The incident has again raised concerns re public safety, race relations, gun control and more.  

Given that we in Rotary have a strong focus on bringing peace to the world, it is timely to look at a recent TED talk by a black American relative to his own experience and the advice offerd by his father.

Welcome Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America.