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The Rotary Bruce Rock Swim – How We’re Fundraising

The Swim is on Soon!

The Rotary Bruce Rock Swim is less than three weeks away, and we’re busily fundraising for the event!

Proceeds from the Swim will go to Vital Wheatbelt Literacy Projects

The Swim proceeds will go to vital literacy development programs at Bruce Rock District High School, and earn matching literacy grants for Narembeen and Quairading District High Schools.

We have three important fundraising channels for the 2017 Swim.

Our Rotary Club Members are Leading the Way with Donations!

Our Rotary Club parks cars at the Perth Makers Market to raise funds for charitable and community projects across Western Australia and internationally.   The members have decided to dedicate a portion of these funds to top up the generous contribution made to Bruce Rock Swim fundraising by our charity, The Rotary Foundation. These member-generated funds will flow to all three schools participating in the Swim.

Three people playing up to the camera

Having fun while parking cars – Members Kate, Sandra & Kero.

Offline Fundraising is Underway!

You may have seen the swim posters and associated offline sponsorship forms being used by supporters of each participating school. These sponsorship forms are school-specific and funds raised via a particular form will go to the credit of the school named on that form.

Copies of the school sponsorship forms are available for download from:
1.  Sponsorship Form for Bruce Rock DHS swimmers
2.  Sponsorship form for Narembeen DHS swimmers
3.  Sponsorship form for Quairading DHS swimmers

Our Online Fundraising via Chuffed.org is Flying!

In addition to these forms, we’re operating a dedicated account on Chuffed.org to give the Swim the best possible chance to connect with potential supporters anywhere in the world. Chuffed is a very convenient and quick way to contribute, with special digital “thank you” items to those who donate more than $10.

The great news so far is  that our account on Chuffed.org has received donations of more than $300 in support of the Swim and associated literacy projects.

Want to Find Out More?

More about the Swim soon, but if you have any questions regarding the event, please contact:

Alison Lockwood – President: 0432 129 658
Kero O’Shea – Swim Coordinator: 0408 802 490

Prepared by:

Kero O’Shea
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (“E-WA”)

Stay with Us – Enjoy the New Rotary Experience

Are you feeling a bit jaded about your Rotary involvement? Thinking of leaving? That’s not unusual at this time of year as busy people are faced with decisions about how to allocate their precious discretionary free time or what to spend their recreational budget on.

The big thing that’s often overlooked is that spending a bit of your free time volunteering for a good cause is good for your mental health. Yes! A positive Rotary Experience will make you happier and healthier! 

Rotary is also offering lots of different ways to participate. These include very time-efficient and low cost club models. 

So before you decide to go, look at all the options. You may be very pleasantly surprised.



It’s Official! E-WA Rotary Exists!

Last night Rotary District 9465 Governor Brian Eddy announced that he had approved the grant of provisional club status to our E-WA organising group. This is a HUGE vote of confidence and we thank District Governor Brian for the confidence he has shown in E-WA Rotary.

This is a major step on the path to charter for our E-WA team, who began formal and regular online video meetings in July. E-WA President Kero O’Shea noted the contribution made by all club members to the attainment of provisional status and thanked Assistant Governor John Dodman and District Governor Brian Eddy for their support during the process. Kero also thanked our sponsor club, the Rotary Club of Southern Districts, for recommending the grant of our provisional status.

Prior to formally applying for provisional status, E-WA asked Assistant Governor John Dodman to audit the group’s suitability for club status. AG John did so and reported that all was OK with the group’s development as a Rotary entity relative to the requirements for provisional club status.

DG Brian then gave our application very careful consideration, and the rest, as they say, is history….

Now we have the keys, it’s time to get busy!


Image: Building for the future: Assistant Governor John Dodman helped E-WA achieve provisional club status.