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Welcome to the home of the Rotary E-Club of  Western Australia, better known as “E-WA Rotary”. We’re sponsored by the Rotary Club of Southern Districts.

E-WA Rotary  is Western Australia’s first online Rotary E-Club. Online Rotary E-Clubs around the world allow members to give to the greater community when getting to meetings is difficult. E-WA Rotary caters to members who are:

*  Located too far from a Rotary Club to make regular meetings
*  Required to travel for work, including Fly-In Fly-Out professionals
*  Unable to leave young children, or family members during typical meeting times

We conduct our work online, with occasional face-to-face meetings at different locations around WA. Our meetings entail logging into a weekly “webinar”. Alternatively, members who cannot join a scheduled meeting can login anytime and participate in discussions in our online group.

Our members find ways to use diverse locations, and online presence to help our local, and global communities.

Would You Like to Know More?

Your can learn more about Rotary and our club specifically through the public pages of this site. If you would like to learn more about us, please leave a message on our Facebook page or email rotaryewa@gmail.com.

For Visiting Rotarians

You can do a make-up meeting  online by attending our weekly meeting at 7pm (GMT+8) on Mondays. We are building up interesting make-up material for those who would like to visit us asynchronously.

Why Rotary is Important to Us


We're about to choose a new leadership group! Our plan for next year is to encourage young leaders to join our board for fixed short periods, so we can help each other develop.

An exciting, productive and time- efficient form of Rotary, working with emerging young leaders. Win-win!

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