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How to Kill a Dream

Bel Pesce is a successful Brasilian entrepeneur, who made her fortune in Silicon Valley before returning home.

In this short but evocative TED talk, Bel challenges us all to look again at the reasons why our dreams sometimes fail to come to fruition. Bel goes on to explain five common causes that are very easy to understand, but perhaps a little more challenging to address.

All of Bel’s suggestions are relevant to clubs and other organisations, too. How often, for instance, do we focus on our club goals or some other organisational construct, rather than ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the journey? If people are enjoying an experience, they’re much more likely to commit and continue.

Enjoy Bel’s talk……

Kero O’Shea
President – EWA Rotary

Our Website is Back!

Our website crashed earlier this week, due to a corrupted file.  Service has now been restored.

Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

Thank you for your patience.

Kero O’Shea
President – EWA Rotary

E-WA President-Elect Alison Creates History in Bruce Rock

E-WA Rotary is delighted to announce the election of Alison Lockwood as President of the Provisional Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA Rotary) for the 2016-17 year.  Alison’s election is a first, as Bruce Rock has never before had a resident Rotary club president.

As a past Rotaract club president and an experienced Rotarian, Alison brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her new role.

Alison (left) at a recent club get-together

Alison (left) at a recent club get-together

Alison, a health professional at Bruce Rock Memorial Hospital and partner Tim (our first Partner Associate) have set up home in Bruce Rock and are keen for their adopted community to experience the benefits of a Rotary presence.

In her current role as our E-WA Rotary Community Director, Alison played a key role in organising our first E-WA Rotary initiative in Bruce Rock in February 2015, when we conducted the successful Swim for Bruce Rock Kids, which raised funds for a literacy development program in the local community.

Alison is looking forward to her term as E-WA Rotary President.

Kero O’Shea
Provisional Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA Rotary)



Stay with Us – Enjoy the New Rotary Experience

Are you feeling a bit jaded about your Rotary involvement? Thinking of leaving? That’s not unusual at this time of year as busy people are faced with decisions about how to allocate their precious discretionary free time or what to spend their recreational budget on.

The big thing that’s often overlooked is that spending a bit of your free time volunteering for a good cause is good for your mental health. Yes! A positive Rotary Experience will make you happier and healthier! 

Rotary is also offering lots of different ways to participate. These include very time-efficient and low cost club models. 

So before you decide to go, look at all the options. You may be very pleasantly surprised.