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A day in the fresh outdoors

Supporting the Environment

We had a fantastic day today tree planting with treemission and SERCUL, led by Alan Briggs. Everyone enjoyed being in the fresh outdoors on a sunny day and we planted a mix of 1800 shrubs, reeds and trees to build up the buffer zone for the salt marsh.
SERCUL Project Manager Darren gave us a tour of the salt marsh after we finished to explain the unique eco system and the projects to restore areas degraded by an access track that has blocked the natural tidal flows of the salt water. These tidal flows normally keep the salt marsh healthy by discouraging other invasive plants.

Thanks to our volunteers

Thanks to everyone who came along, including our friends from Rotary Club of West Perth. Also thanks to Bill for contributing towards the BBQ lunch, to everyone who chipped in to the Rotary Foundation collection tin, to those who brought snacks, to Rod who went out of is way to give our new volunteer Alejo a lift and to SERCUL for providing the plants and great guidance. Finally, congratulations to Alan for great organisation. We are already looking forward to our next planting!
A group of happy tree planters with the Treemission banner

Job well done


Promoting Peace: 10 ways to understand others better

As Rotarians, we have a fundamental interest in bringing peace to our world.

Rotary’s six Areas of Focus position us as a peacemaker with credentials established over more than a century. The first Area of Focus – Promoting Peace – seeks to address the structural causes of conflict around the world. That process often sees peacemakers address very basic issues on the path to peace.

Shared understanding can contribute to conflict resolution and the maintenance of peace by helping those involved find the common ground required for a sustainable solution.  In this engaging talk, writer and radio host Celeste Headlee invites us to better understand people with whom we converse, and offers a number of suggestions to help the process.