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No One Can Be Authentically Human, While He Prevents Others From Being So

On 18 June 2015, nine people in a church in South Carolina were massacred. A suspect was arrested shortly after the murders and held on hate crime charges. The incident has again raised concerns re public safety, race relations, gun control and more.  

Given that we in Rotary have a strong focus on bringing peace to the world, it is timely to look at a recent TED talk by a black American relative to his own experience and the advice offerd by his father.

Welcome Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America.

How to Kill a Dream

Bel Pesce is a successful Brasilian entrepeneur, who made her fortune in Silicon Valley before returning home.

In this short but evocative TED talk, Bel challenges us all to look again at the reasons why our dreams sometimes fail to come to fruition. Bel goes on to explain five common causes that are very easy to understand, but perhaps a little more challenging to address.

All of Bel’s suggestions are relevant to clubs and other organisations, too. How often, for instance, do we focus on our club goals or some other organisational construct, rather than ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the journey? If people are enjoying an experience, they’re much more likely to commit and continue.

Enjoy Bel’s talk……

Kero O’Shea
President – EWA Rotary

E-WA President-Elect Alison Creates History in Bruce Rock

E-WA Rotary is delighted to announce the election of Alison Lockwood as President of the Provisional Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA Rotary) for the 2016-17 year.  Alison’s election is a first, as Bruce Rock has never before had a resident Rotary club president.

As a past Rotaract club president and an experienced Rotarian, Alison brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her new role.

Alison (left) at a recent club get-together

Alison (left) at a recent club get-together

Alison, a health professional at Bruce Rock Memorial Hospital and partner Tim (our first Partner Associate) have set up home in Bruce Rock and are keen for their adopted community to experience the benefits of a Rotary presence.

In her current role as our E-WA Rotary Community Director, Alison played a key role in organising our first E-WA Rotary initiative in Bruce Rock in February 2015, when we conducted the successful Swim for Bruce Rock Kids, which raised funds for a literacy development program in the local community.

Alison is looking forward to her term as E-WA Rotary President.

Kero O’Shea
Provisional Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA Rotary)



Our Three–Month Club Review: All is Going Well

We’re just coming to the end of our first 3 months as E-WA and things are really looking good! We have 15 in our community and are in discussion with potential new candidates.

Our club meets in 3 modes:
– A synchronous weekly video hookup on GoToMeeting for those who can join in.
– A Facebook group for our ongoing asynchronous conversations and interaction.
– A monthly get together, usually somewhere in WA, for those who can make it.

The Three-Month club review covered:
– our many successes;
– the opportunities we have before us;
– and the key tasks that lie ahead.

If you would like to know more about us and where we want to go, please take a moment to view the Chair’s Club Review presentation.

E-WA Guest Presenter: District 9465 Vocational Service Chair Mike Raspa – 17 September 2014

Rotary District 9465 Vocational Services Chair Mike Raspa was our guest presenter on Wednesday 17 September.

Mike has been a Rotarian for 15 years and is passionate about the contribution that a good club Vocational Services program can make to the community.   He sees the  the range of activities covered by the Vocational Services Avenue of Service as key to the health and wellbeing of clubs, with a  good vocational program helping to bond the community and the club. With vocational opportunities starting at age 0 with the Imagination Library (childhood literacy) and extending through school-age scholarships to pride of workmanship awards for people of all ages, Mike has a point.

Listen to Mike’s presentation as he outlines the range of vocational services available to clubs, and suggests ways in which clubs can use vocational activities to  enrich members’ Rotary Experience.

E-WA, Our Members and the Future

Our new provisional Rotary e-club is going from strength to strength as our team of experienced Rotarians and enthusiastic new recruits steadily builds a new Rotary entity.

Last night we lost one of the team of three who kicked E-WA off earlier this year, as Simone Collins reluctantly tendered her resignation. Family, business, study and other commitments were making it very difficult for Simone to engage in club activities to the extent that she wanted.

We wish Simone all the very best and thank her for her contribution to the formation of our club.

The loss of a member serves as a timely and valuable reminder to us that our members are the most important element of our club. They own E-WA and without them we are nothing.

With that in mind, we’ll be redoubling our efforts to consult with our members about every aspect of our club as we continue to build for the future.


Our E-WA Guest Presenter Program

As a brand new Rotary club, we at E-WA have a lot to learn about the core things that make Rotary so important to the social structure of our society.

That’s why we’re delighted that the Board, leadership team and Avenue of Service Chairs of our own District 9465 have responded so positively to our invitation to visit us as guest presenters. District Governor Nominee & Handicamp Chair Linda McLerie will be joining us this week, to share the good news about Handicamp 2015.

We’re also thrilled to be welcoming presenters from elsewhere in Rotary.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look forward to hearing from the following presenters:

  • District Vocation Chair Mike Raspa
  • Albany Conference Chair Tony Devitt
  • District Governor Brian Eddy
  • District 9710 Interact representative Natalie Jupe
  • District Governor-Elect Melodie Kevan
  • District Secretary David Honeychurch
  • District PR Director John Stockbridge
  • Foundation Chair Pushpa Pushpalingam

Watch this space for more, as we share the presentations made by our guests.

If you’d like to be a guest presenter at E-WA, we’d love to hear from you.


Image: District 9710’s Nat Jupe will be telling us about the very successful Interact program she supports

It’s Official! E-WA Rotary Exists!

Last night Rotary District 9465 Governor Brian Eddy announced that he had approved the grant of provisional club status to our E-WA organising group. This is a HUGE vote of confidence and we thank District Governor Brian for the confidence he has shown in E-WA Rotary.

This is a major step on the path to charter for our E-WA team, who began formal and regular online video meetings in July. E-WA President Kero O’Shea noted the contribution made by all club members to the attainment of provisional status and thanked Assistant Governor John Dodman and District Governor Brian Eddy for their support during the process. Kero also thanked our sponsor club, the Rotary Club of Southern Districts, for recommending the grant of our provisional status.

Prior to formally applying for provisional status, E-WA asked Assistant Governor John Dodman to audit the group’s suitability for club status. AG John did so and reported that all was OK with the group’s development as a Rotary entity relative to the requirements for provisional club status.

DG Brian then gave our application very careful consideration, and the rest, as they say, is history….

Now we have the keys, it’s time to get busy!


Image: Building for the future: Assistant Governor John Dodman helped E-WA achieve provisional club status.