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Treemission: Greening the Environment and Addressing Climate Change

In 2008, a group of Rotary clubs, (later joined by E-WA) and the National Trust of Australia (WA)  got together to found the treemission © project.  This innovative environmental project encourages people to address climate change by planting trees to offset their contribution to greenhouse gases and global warming. By informing the community about changes to our environment and planting trees to lessen those impacts, treemission © is making a difference where it matters.

Treemission ©  turns emissions created in everyday activities into trees and shrubs. We conserve endangered plants and animals, rehabilitate degraded land and lower carbon levels in our atmosphere.

Fact. We all generate carbon emissions through our daily activities. There are lots of things you can do to address your own carbon footprint , but first and foremost you can plant trees. Lots of trees.  That’s where treemission © comes in, because we’re looking for volunteers to help rehabilitate areas of degraded land by planting trees.

By rehabilitating that degraded land, treemission ©  also creates new homes for endangered species.  Win – win!

Local plant varieties are used wherever possible, with biodiversity key to the selection of tree and understorey species.  Urban and rural communites have responded positively to the challenge and are playing an increasing role in tree planting activities.

You can donate to treemission © via the National Trust.

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