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Why LinkedIN Matters to Rotary

The Rotary changeover season is in full swing, as clubs install new leaders and the many significant achievements of Rotarians are recognised and briefly celebrated.  With traditional modesty, the achievements of individuals are understated in favour of a more collective (and anonymous) sense that the Rotary club has done well.  Again.

And another precious opportunity goes to waste as we fail to share the achievements of those Rotary champions with our communities.

The deeds of those individuals and teams whose work is recognised at changeover comprise the core of the Rotary Experience. The projects that change people’s lives through literacy development, disease eradication, provision of clean water, youth development and much more are the essence of Rotary. Their stories describe what makes Rotary great.

Celebrate those stories and we promote our Rotary clubs at the same time. The two are inextricably linked.

Social media (LinkedIN in particular) is a good place to tell those stories. Just by providing a single paragraph commendation for a successful Rotarian, we do two important things:
– Recognize an achievement and a job well done; and
– Demonstrate that Rotary clubs provide significant opportunities for personal growth while achieving for our community.

Go to LinkedIN, Facebook or your favourite social media channel and tell those stories now.  The world is waiting.

Kero O’Shea
Membership Director, Rotary District 9465
Charter President, Rotary E-Club of Western Australia