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Our Banners Tell Stories

the banner we use to promote the RYPEN youth development program

RYPEN – our life-changing leadership and personal development program for young people aged 14-17..

Our 2020 Banner to promote the Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading Swim Banner 2020 final

The Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading adds value in lots of different ways.

Every Banner Tells a Story

Our Banners tell stories.  Consequently, we’ve invested in several banners over the years, to share the stories of the Rotary causes and projects that we love.

This year, we’re preparing for our first (leap) birthday party and 6th Swim for Reading, so we’ve acquired new banners to reflect our passion for what we do.

  • Firstly, we needed a new flag for our Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading. We started with a new banner for the first Swim for Bruce Rock Kids in 2015. Then we renamed the event when Narembeen and Quairading entered in 2017. We took care of lots of other things, but put off buying new livery. This year we decided it’s time for a new flag!
  • Secondly, we want to promote the popular Rotary Youth Program known as RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment). RYPEN is a life-changing personal and leadership development camp for young people aged 14-17. RYPEN is on offer to all the young people who take part in the Swim and fundraise.  It’s a core element of our conversation with the young people and the community about the Rotary Love of Reading program.

Swim Banner Busts Myths

Importantly, the banner for the Rotary Swim for Reading busts a few myths.   Why hold a swim to encourage reading? Here are four good reasons:

  • Firstly, the Swim raises funds for reading programs in schools, so it’s about tangible results.
  • Secondly, the Swim highlights the vital link between healthy body (swimming) and healthy mind (reading).
  • Thirdly, the Swim encourages good citizenship by asking kids to work for their schools.
  • Lastly, the Swim develops young leaders through RYPEN, the reward for those who respond to the call.

So please, take a moment to look at our banners and reflect on the stories they tell.

Kero O’Shea
Swim Director 2020
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia Inc. (‘E-WA”)

The Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading Needs You!

The Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading Needs You - image shows a couple of kids sitting on a bean bag readingThe Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading needs you!

The Swim is on at the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on Saturday 22 February 2020, starting at 1pm.

The formula for the Swim is pretty simple.

Firstly, the Swim supports three schools:

Secondly,  we promote a love of reading and raise money for reading in local schools via the Swim.  Importantly, we ensure that all funds donated go to the nominated school(s). There is no overhead deduction. We’re all volunteers.

Thirdly, we recognize the efforts of young people who fundraise for their local school and participate in the swim. We value the efforts of these young leaders. Those who fundraise and participate will be in the running for a Rotary youth development program for 14-17 year olds. We’ve nominated more than 20 teenagers for the youth program since 2017.  In 2020, we’re planning to send lots of youngsters on the program.

Want to raise funds for your school’s reading programs? You can!
It’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. use the accompanying Sponsorship Form  to collect sponsors or go to https://www.chuffed.org/project/ewarotary-wheatbelt-love-reading-2020 to contribute online. The online option is brilliant! It enables friends and family anywhere to sponsor swimmers
  2. register for the swim (see attached form) – Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading)
  3. participate in the fun on 22 February at Bruce Rock pool.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or have a chat with our Bruce Rock-based president-elect Alison Lockwood.

Let’s back our schools at the Swim!  Don’t leave it to others – the Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading needs you!

Kero O’Shea
Swim Director
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia inc. (“E-WA”)


2020 Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading Less Than 4 Weeks Away!

To: All Our Friends in
Bruce Rock, Narembeen and Quairading

The Rotary E-Club of Western Australia Inc. (“E-WA”) is pleased to invite you to our 2020 Rotary Wheatbelt Swim for Reading.   This will be our 6th Swim and we’re planning our best ever!

We’re holding the Swim at the Bruce Rock Aquatic Centre on Saturday 22 February 2020, commencing at 1pm.

The Swim is a fun event where our Rotary team, schools and the community come together to promote a love of reading and fundraise for reading programs in participating schools. We raise funds through sponsorship of swimmers, with funds going to school(s) nominated by the donor.

E-WA is proud to have increased support to school reading programs again this year and with your help we can do even more in future.

Alison Lockwood, our Bruce Rock based president-elect, is busy organising catering and local support for the Swim in preparation for her year as the leader of E-WA in 20-21. Chat with Alison about her plans if the opportunity arises!

We hope you can join us on the day to enjoy another successful Rotary Swim for Reading.

Want to know more?  Click here or contact us on [email protected]

See you at the Swim!

Kero O’Shea
Swim Director

Shogo Williams – Matsuoka “

Poster for 2020 Swim for Reading

Our 2020 Rotary Swim for Reading is on 22 February.

Swim for Bruce Rock Kids & Wheatbelt Swim for Literacy – Student Incentive Scheme

teacher and student reading together. we're offering an incentive scheme to all students to support the Swim.

The Swim supports Reading and Literacy Programs

Student Incentive Scheme for Swim

Our Rotary Bruce Rock Swim is less than a month away!  We want to share news about an incentive scheme that we’re offering students at Bruce Rock, Narembeen & Quairading District High Schools, in order to encourage them to fund raise for and participate in the 2017 Swim, which will be held on 25 March 2017.

Incentive #1 – Rotary Community Service Certificates

We will award Rotary Community Certificates to those who fund raise and participate in the Swim. These certificates will confirm that the recipient has supported their community and one of the participating schools by fundraising and taking part in the Swim. Community certificates are useful in many ways, including work experience and job applications. The Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (“E-WA”) will be happy to confirm the contributions made to the 2017 Swim by certificate recipients.

Incentive #2  – Places on Rotary Personal Development & Leadership Programs for Young People Aged 14-17

The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) is a popular leadership and personal development program for young people aged 14-17. We will book a number of places on the RYPEN program for those students aged 14-17 who excel in their efforts on behalf of the 2017 Swim.  RYPEN places are in demand because the program is enjoyable, challenging and helps participants achieve their potential.

What to Do Next?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!
1. Go to https://rotaryeclubwa.org.au/three-schools-historic-swim-literacy-bruce-rock/
2. Read about the Swim and download sponsorship forms.
3. Start collecting sponsorship.
4. Participate in the Swim between 4pm and 7.30pm on 25 March!

Want to Know More?

Find out more at https://rotaryeclubwa.org.au/three-schools-historic-swim-literacy-bruce-rock/ . If you have any questions after reading all that, email swim @ rotaryeclubwa.org.au or call:

Alison Lockwood – President: 0432 129 658 or Kero O’Shea – Swim Coordinator: 0408 802 490

Kero O’Shea
Secretary & Swim Coordinator
Rotary E-Club of Western Australia (E-WA)

Our E-WA Guest Presenter Program

As a brand new Rotary club, we at E-WA have a lot to learn about the core things that make Rotary so important to the social structure of our society.

That’s why we’re delighted that the Board, leadership team and Avenue of Service Chairs of our own District 9465 have responded so positively to our invitation to visit us as guest presenters. District Governor Nominee & Handicamp Chair Linda McLerie will be joining us this week, to share the good news about Handicamp 2015.

We’re also thrilled to be welcoming presenters from elsewhere in Rotary.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look forward to hearing from the following presenters:

  • District Vocation Chair Mike Raspa
  • Albany Conference Chair Tony Devitt
  • District Governor Brian Eddy
  • District 9710 Interact representative Natalie Jupe
  • District Governor-Elect Melodie Kevan
  • District Secretary David Honeychurch
  • District PR Director John Stockbridge
  • Foundation Chair Pushpa Pushpalingam

Watch this space for more, as we share the presentations made by our guests.

If you’d like to be a guest presenter at E-WA, we’d love to hear from you.


Image: District 9710’s Nat Jupe will be telling us about the very successful Interact program she supports