E-WA Members

Our Rotary E-WA TeamOur E-WA Members

E-WA members commit to do what they can, when they can.  On average that means about an hour or so a week.

Members spend time in productive ways, including:

  •  working together in  the E‐WA Rotary Facebook group
  • planning at our Zoom video sessions
  • hands-on project delivery

The “hour or so” is very much an average.  We get that business, family and other important things in life take priority).

Conditions of Membership

  1. Our members regularly take part in the E‐WA community.
  2. E-WA Members do what they can in support of E‐WA’s service program.
  3. E-WA uses English for all club activities and business.
  4. We use Australian dollars as our currency, although Rotary International invoices are expressed in United States dollars.
  5. E-WA is a member club of  Rotary District 9465. As a consequence, our members are, for the purpose of Rotary administration, considered to be members in good standing of District 9465, Australia.   That applies regardless of where our members actually live.
  6. Our members have have access to the Internet.  They are willing to learn new things to take part in the activities of E‐WA.
  7. Members use the Internet as required to participate in club activities.  This includes accessing club forums and groups as needed.

Full Membership Rights

A full member has the right to:

  • Vote
  • Nominate a full member for office
  • Hold office
  • Nominate a partner associate
  • Nominate a friend associate

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