E-WA, Our Members and the Future

Our new provisional Rotary e-club is going from strength to strength as our team of experienced Rotarians and enthusiastic new recruits steadily builds a new Rotary entity.

Last night we lost one of the team of three who kicked E-WA off earlier this year, as Simone Collins reluctantly tendered her resignation. Family, business, study and other commitments were making it very difficult for Simone to engage in club activities to the extent that she wanted.

We wish Simone all the very best and thank her for her contribution to the formation of our club.

The loss of a member serves as a timely and valuable reminder to us that our members are the most important element of our club. They own E-WA and without them we are nothing.

With that in mind, we’ll be redoubling our efforts to consult with our members about every aspect of our club as we continue to build for the future.


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