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Natalie Jupe: The Importance of Interact

Past President Natalie Jupe of the Rotary Club of Queanbeyan is part of the dynamic new generation of Rotary leadership that is transforming the century-old service club. Jupe, the Interact Chair for Rotary District 9710, sees the young members of Interact (12-18yrs) as vital members of the Family of Rotary organisations. She speaks fondly of the very positive impression her young charges made at the June 2014 Rotary International Convention, held in Sydney.


interact offers young people who want to do good in our world the opportunity to come together and make a difference in a volunteer organisation tailored for them. With the option of school or community-based clubs, Interact can help bring together the youth of diverse elements in a community.

Jupe sees Interactors as the Rotarians of the future. Judging by the fundraising efforts of Telopea Park High School, who raised $114,000 for an international project, Interactors are already setting a fine example for the broader Rotary community.

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