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Beyond the JibberJabber: A Chat with a Young Rotary Leader

This week we had the rare privilege of hearing the perspective of a passionate young Rotary leader. Kaitlin Piggott is 21, has been a Rotarian for just over 12 months and is Secretary of the very progressive Rotary Club of Kent Town in South Australia.

Ever heard of “jibber jabber”? If you’re interested in attracting young members to Rotary, you might want to find out what Kaitlin means by the expression.

Kaitlin went on Rotary youth exchange to New Zealand five years ago and sees that experience as life-changing in terms of making her the better person she is today.

Listen as Kaitlin explains why she thought she would NEVER join Rotary, then shares her love of her Rotary Experience, what she likes about her club and the ways in which she likes to help others.

If you’re looking for inspiration, watch this: