How We Get Together

E-WA face-face meeting at Margaret River January 2017

Our team who went to Margaret River for the face-face get together

We utilise the internet to get together as as an e-club,  to improve productivity and reduce the cost of Rotary. We have three meeting modes to cater for our members and the diverse communities we serve.

The Ways We Get Together

  • Video gatherings on Monday nights, 7pm for 7.10pm. We use the Zoom video platform
  • Face-face social gatherings at least once a month at venues chosen by our members
  • Our Facebook group, which we use for decision making and to keep our members informed.

We plan projects and events  during our online discussions and  find ways to use our skills and knowledge to help our local and global communities. Our members enjoy networking and building friendships.

We enjoy each other’s company, so our social “face-to-face” events are held in locations throughout Western Australia ands are very popular. These are held at least once a month and frequently more often.  Our face2face meetings are entirely optional, and attendance at face2face events is not a requirement to join our e-club.

We have lots of options to connect.  You can take part via our Facebook group and/or our Monday night video get-togethers on Zoom.

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